Test Your Malware IQ

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Forty Questions in Two Parts Test Your Malware IQ

As a former Test Developer and Writer for InfoWorld magazine, I often check the IW website for reliable tech information. I have encountered and fixed many of the different types of viruses, trojans, cyber attacks, etc. for clients and our own systems used in our businesses. Our office deals with an average of one situation per week.

I ran across this malware IQ test just today on the InfoWorld website. Even though the original post is slightly over two years old, I thought our readers might be interested in giving it a go. Part 1 is not an easy test. It has more to do with major reported events from 1988 – 2012. Contact me with your score and I’ll tell you mine!

Part 1

How did it go? I thought the test was a little on the bore me side.

The next set of Twenty questions are more relevant to real world applications.

If you made it through the first test, try this one. As in the first set of twenty questions, the answers and descriptions are the best part. I believe the summaries can be compared to a cheat sheet. You brush up and learn a few things without pouring over extraneous material.

Part 2

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Websites by Rushmore Web Design

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Rushmore Web Design,

a subsidiary of GLDigital, shared a few of the sites they are working on. One of these was built in Adobe Dreamweaver CC using a responsive design.

Link One

Responsive design is preferable to a stand alone mobile site, but sometimes one might want both. It depends on what content you have, the type of business, and whether you need the “tap” functionality of large buttons or banners.

Two of these sites are mobile optimized which ranks below a fully responsive design.

Link Two

Link Three

Rushmore Web Design also builds online businesses that feature:

  • Responsive design
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing list builders
  • Customer  database & user interface
  • Te ability to bring in affiliates under your business
  • Custom forms
  • Rapid customer response system
  • Top eCommerce solutions
  • Online stores
  • Easy to manage interface
  • Everything in one place – replaces five separate business management solutions in one place

Links coming soon


How UBUNTU Linux saved my Windows 7 Gateway

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UBUNTU to the rescue.

Ever try to fix your computer without the recovery disks? A Gateway laptop running Win 7 64 bit went South on me this week. I should have made those recovery disks. I did get the recovery partition option to re-install the OS and save my personal files. All the programs would be wiped out which was fine with me since they are mostly cloud based SaaS apps, and easy to install. Besides, the machine was really getting bogged down. The biggest problem was the recovery option didn’t work the first time and failed to come up after that. I thought to myself, “Do I really want to keep messing with this?” So many different ideas online for resolving the situation, but here’s what I did – I downloaded UBUNTU Linux at another station and used a freeware app that creates an UBUNTU installer on a USB stick. I booted the failed Windows laptop off the USB stick, created a partition for UBUNTU, installed Linux and on reboot, I got a boot options menu that included the Gateway Windows recovery partition, the Windows partition, and UBUNTU. Now that I had access to the recovery partition, I selected it from the boot options menu. I ran recovery again, this time I wiped the Windows partition clean. I was able to access my personal files and back them up while in UBUNTU. It worked! Now I have two computers in one. The slower Win 7 laptop, and the faster UBUNTU laptop.

Here’s the link to get you started: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows

Good Life Digital

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We are really happy that you have come to GLDigital today!
A brand new site.

I realize it’s looking very basic and barren, but that’s because I am posting on our new site which was installed just today. GLDigital is built upon an up to date theme that will give our readers, students, customers, and browsers a responsive and personalized experience. We replaced our old site and went live immediately while development progresses.

We are also working on revamping most of the subsidiary company sites of GLDigital.

Two of  most important items that we are excited to announce is the activity that is stirring over at Rushmore Web Design!

1) Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites for Your Business, Organization ..

2) Custom Mobile App Development for Your Business, Organization ..